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  • The Cornish Smuggler Game Box

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A strategic board game for 2-5 Smugglers set in 18th Century Cornwall!

Buy and sell contraband, cultivate a network of local characters, trade in secret knowledge, hidden locations, secret landings, bribes, dirty tricks and a healthy dose of cunning to evade the Customs Officers and the attentions of your fellow smugglers. This is what you need to become the finest and most famous Cornish Smuggler in the land.

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Cornish Smuggler takes ~30mins to play per player, with gameplay based on strategy and risk taking leaving a minimum of random event and a maximum of smart, tactical gameplaying.

Designed by Cornish indie startup Grublin Games, Cornish Smuggler raised over £30,000 from its Kickstarter campaign (the highest crowdfunded project ever from Cornwall) and was officially launched at Essen on October 24th 2013 to a sell out success.

the Cornish Smuggler game board

the Cornish Smuggler game board

How to play Cornish Smuggler

A quick how to play introduction by Henry, filmed during a very busy UK Games Expo 2014 by Efka of No Pun Included. Follow THIS LINK for a more detailed explaination of the game.

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Cornish Smuggler is jam packed full of components

  • 1 Fully Illustrated 600 mm x 540 mm game board (perfect for kitchen tables)
  • 60 x Secrets Cards
  • 60 x wooden Influence Counters
  • 58 Gold Counters
  • 52 Reputation Counters
  • 50 Wooden player counters
  • 48 x unique Character Cards
  • 25 Customs Bribe Markers
  • 16 x Unique wooden Goods Shapes
  • 12 x Storehouse Cards
  • 10 Wooden Customs counters
  • 10 x Ship Cards
  • 5 Wooden ship counters
  • 2 x Reference cards per /player
  • 1 Rule Book

All components have been made to the highest possible quality. Basically, we wanted to make sure that when you buy Cornish Smuggler, you know you're getting Gold's worth!

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Click here to find out more about the setting of Cornish Smuggler

Immerse Yourself in Smuggling!

This game is about real things that happened to real people in a real place. Cornwall has such a thick historical texture, we wanted to make a game that not just communicated this, but allowed you to jump straight in and immerse yourself into it. Although smuggling happened throughout most of the British Isles throughout the 18th century, it was Cornwall that really made it it's own and that's what you get to do when you play this game

Cornish Smuggler creates a directly relatable experience between the Cornwall of 200 years ago, and the Cornwall of today. All of the things you can do in Cornish Smuggler are things that smugglers did, all the places you can hide your goods are places where goods were hidden, even the names of the characters you can employ are the names of people who were arrested for smuggling 200 years ago

Some of the characters you can find in Cornish Smuggler

Smuggling in 18th Century Cornwall wasn't necessarily seen as something that was illegal and was taken with an often light hearted view (it was known locally as the Fair Trade). When smuggling happened in Cornwall, it wasn't just lone individuals doing it, whole communities were involved. From the fisherman all the way up to the town mayor, every person had their role to play and you will need to employ them to build your own smuggling network.

Each character has their own unique ability, cost and effect on your reputation within the local community. Each one has been individually illustrated by Sam Brookes, you can see more of his work HERE


In Cornish Smuggler you get to build your own smuggling network by employing characters, each with a unique ability, cost and effect on your reputation within the local community.

Cornish Smuggler doesn't have any dice and in fact there is very little that is left to random chance in this game, you choose how you want to play.

How to Play Cornish Smuggler

Play in Cornish Smuggler happens in turns.  During each turn, a player spends their resources to perform Actions, so the number of Actions that a player gets depends on the number of resources they choose to spend.

Working in a clockwise manner, each player gets to take one Action continuing around the table until it returns to them where they can take another. This continues until all players have either spent all resources or have passed, meaning that Cornish Smuggler plays quickly and all players remain totally involved throughout the game.

Actions are all the things you can do in the game. Whether it's buying or selling goods, bribing customs, utilising secrets, reorganising your network or simply passing - stockpiling resources this turn to give so you can do more Actions next turn.


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Resource Types

There are three different resource types in Cornish Smuggler, which have different value in the game:

CornishSmugglerGOLD.png GOLD: which you need to win the game, but also to pay for things like Goods and Characters.

CornishSmugglerREP.png REPUTATION: which is more valuable at the start of the game as it generates Influence for you each turn, but also adds to your final score.

Influence-Cube.png INFLUENCE: is the oil that greases the Smuggling wheels and is the cheapest way to facilitate your illegal endeavors.

With most Actions, you can choose how you would like to make them happen.  You don't have to pay all bribes in Gold and you don't have to move your goods around using only Influence.

You have a choice about how to do everything.Francis-Oprey2.png

Cornish Smuggler offers excellent value for money entertainment - click here for your copy!

Evade Customs

While you are playing Cornish Smuggler you have to constantly think about the Customs Officers. 

Customs Officers are not a playable character, instead the movement of the Customs Officers is dictated entirely by your actions meaning that you are playing against the board as well as your other players.

Whenever contraband is landed or sold, the nearest Customs Officers will start moving towards the location of the landing or sale, and if they catch you, then your goods will be immediately seized...although if you've employed the right people you can always try and seize them back.

Luckily all Customs can be bribed meaning that once bought they will remain your man until the end of the game...unless another smuggler pays them more of course.

Also, as a Smuggler you will gain access to a wide variety of secret tricks as you build your network, enabling you to further deceive, outmaneuver and manipulate the under-funded preventative forces.


Although starting off fairly underfunded and under supported, as the game progresses the Customs Officers will get steadily stronger, harder to bribe and more numerous. As a result, players will have to work harder and smarter to smuggle goods effectively, secretly and profitably so each game has a clearly defined end point that is visible to all players.

Knowing when to 'go straight'can be the key to victory...

A steal at only £34.95! We've got some freshly smuggled copies for you here....

Secure your Fortune.

When smuggling goods, the choice of which goods to buy is key. Players can choose to buy big bulky goods, which are hard to fit on board ship (goods and ships are all different shapes and sizes) or smaller more easily transported goods which are worth far less.

"Little barrels, roped & tarred, all full of brandy wine."

When selling goods, you can choose how much to sell them for.  Make a choice to either increase your Reputation and Influence in the community by selling cheaply, or maximise your profit by getting the best price possible, but beware! 

The more Gold you make by selling your contraband, the more powerful the Customs Officers become...

Different sized towns will offer different prices for goods. Smaller towns offer a lower price, but with a lower risk. Larger towns offer better prices and allow smugglers to sell more goods, but the risk of do so is (generally) much greater.

Outwit your Rivals.

There are many possible paths to victory in Cornish Smuggler. Players will have to adapt their strategy to accommodate the actions of the other player, employ the right characters, buy the right goods, discover the right secrets and make the right deals.

Discovering secret tricks can help a players cause, and there are secret storehouses that can be acquired, allowing you to stash your goods, hiding them from Customs and protecting them from being seized.


An increased reputation allows a smuggler to transport their contraband more easily and evade customs, but to win the game you must have the most gold out of all the other players. However, the strength of the Customs forces is directly linked to how much Gold is made, - so timing is everything!

"Watch the wall my darling while the Gentlemen go by."

What this game is:

Dodging the Law, employing the local vicar, building an network, discovering and using secrets, renting out the mayor's wine cellar, getting rich, a surprisingly accurate historical representation.

What this game isn't:

Ship racing, firing cannons, being a pirate

More Information?

Click here to see the rule book for Cornish Smuggler (if you see black squares [e.g. viewing in firefox], then try viewing in a different browser or pdf viewer)

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If you've read to the end of this page then you know you should get your own copy of Cornish Smuggler!
Nominated as best thematic game and best new boardgame of 2013,
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